Hey there, I'm Amy.

Art is my passion, and helping YOU add more creativity into your life is my goal! It's true what they say - creativity heals. So many of us have dreams and goals we've put on the back burner for too long. I'm here to help you ignite the spark and make some magic using your unique gifts!

I specialize in digital product design and development (with a sprinkle of over a decade of marketing knowledge to help you grow!)

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You're here for a reason. It's time to share your knowledge and skills with the world!

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P.S. I Wrote a book!

Children are the future. It's our job to encourage them to CREATE and DREAM!

So, I wrote a book about just that called, "The Magical Mind of Mitzy".

Available online at Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Amazon and more!


  • So often my dreamer daughter is told to focus, pay attention, or to stop daydreaming while she's at school or suppose to be doing something else. I tell her all the time that her mind is amazing and dreams are good but watching her be validated by this books amazing message was such an awesome feeling. "This is me!!" She exclaimed and just lit up. She's 10, she describes herself as a future famous author. I'm glad I have the print version in the mail. Love it!!!

    - Elizabeth M., purchased "The Magical Mind of Mitzy" book
  • It’s about time someone wrote a book to tell kids it’s okay - even great! - to think differently. We are getting more support on acceptance for looking different, but this one addresses an even deeper concept. After years and years of trying to make children fit a cookie cutter mold, it is SO refreshing to see support for the creative side. I applaud both the author and the illustrator for this beautiful and inspiring book. I may have left my childhood days behind, but I think I want to be Mitzi when I grow up. If you’ll excuse me, I suddenly feel like drawing!

    - Katy, purchased "The Magical Mind of Mitzy" book
  • What a great book! I love the empowering message of dreaming. EVERYTHING starts with a dream. Too often as adults, we lose sight of imagination and dreaming and get lost in the execution of others' dreams. This brought me back to being a child, creating and dreaming with a limitless imagination! Loved this and can't wait to share it will all the littles in my life!

    - Leyah V, purchased "The Magical Mind of Mitzy" book
  • We love Mitzy! Our children are encouraged to be curious, dream big and draw out their ideas if they want to. A great message for kids and adults with beautiful images! We ordered the hardcover because we knew this is a book we wanted in our family's collection. I'm planning on ordering more for gifts!

    - Karleigh H, purchased "The Magical Mind of Mitzy" book
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