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Hey there, Amy Jo here...

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Life Happens...

Your financial situation can DRASTICALLY change overnight.

I've seen it happen (multiple times). My goal is to help women learn ways of creating additional income, so they never put all of their eggs into one basket again, and teach them how to create income from knowledge they already have.

One of my favorite ways to add additional income?

Selling Digital Products.

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P.S. Have a mini-entrepreneur you'd like to encourage to dream big?

Check out my book, "The Magical Mind of Mitzy"!

Mitzy is a passionate daydreamer full of creative ideas. Follow Mitzy through her big dreams and encourage your mini-entrepreneur to dream big, too!

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"So often my dreamer daughter is told to focus, pay attention, or to stop daydreaming while she's at school or suppose to be doing something else. Watching her be validated by this books amazing message was such an awesome feeling. "This is me!!" She exclaimed and just lit up. She's 10, she describes herself as a future famous author. I'm glad I have the print version in the mail. Love it!!!"

- Liz

"This book is perfect for all ages 0 and up! It is perfect for all the dreamers, movers, shakers, and any child ready to move mountains. The rhyming and rhythm of the book is incredible. My children have both requested this book be in our regular rotation. Highly highly recommend!"

- Brenna

"It’s about time someone wrote a book to tell kids it’s okay - even great! - to think differently. After years and years of trying to make children fit a cookie cutter mold, it is SO refreshing to see support for the creative side. I may have left my childhood days behind, but I think I want to be Mitzy when I grow up. If you’ll excuse me, I suddenly feel like drawing!"

- Katy

"What a great book! I love the empowering message of dreaming. EVERYTHING starts with a dream. Too often as adults, we lose sight of imagination and dreaming and get lost in the execution of others' dreams. This brought me back to being a child, creating and dreaming with a limitless imagination! Loved this and can't wait to share it will all the littles in my life!"

- Leyah

"I love this book! It inspires the creative, the inventor, the outside of the box thinker, our gifted (which can be all of us!) to keep dreaming big. It inspires our kids to be themselves, unafraid of walking outside of the norm, celebrating our differences and recognizing our similarities in that all CAN create and be the difference!"