3 Types of Membership Models You’ll Love

If you’re looking to add in recurring revenue into your life and business with a membership site, here are 3 membership models that are EASY to create and maintain!

Have you ever wondered how cool it’d be to KNOW exactly how much money your business will bring in each month?

That’s the power of a recurring revenue model like a membership.


In Episode #59 of the Digital Magic podcast, I break down why memberships are so awesome (because who doesn’t like predictable income, right?!) BUT! There are TONS of misconceptions about owning a membership site.

So, lets chat! I’ll give you a few ideas on EASY membership models you can add to your business that include little effort / time on your end.

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“I think one of the biggest misconceptions about memberships in general is that you have to continually add a ton of content in. You know what I mean? I think when people hear memberships are like, oh, every single month, I need to have a chunk of content that I have to recreate. And then, you know, add in it’s a ton of maintenance and a ton of creating in LA.

I’m going to show you a couple of examples. You can actually set up your membership in a way that is really easy for you to maintain, but also easy for your customers to know.

And before I get into that, though, you can head over to https://herownmagic.com/resources , and you can download the 8 different ways to add in recurring revenue streams. One of the ways of course is memberships. And if you haven’t grabbed your Digital Product Workbook yet, inside of the workbook, there’s actually a whole sheet of value ads and ideas you can incorporate into your products to boost the value.

We’re going to talk about that in this episode, there’s a whole sheet of value adds that you can incorporate into inside of the workbook.


As I mentioned just 12 seconds ago, when you are thinking about creating a membership, if you have ever thought about this, or maybe you have kind of, poo-pooed the idea of having a membership because it feels really heavy to create and to maintain. I want to give you a couple of options to make it easier for you to create a membership.

First off, there’s low ticket memberships. There’s high ticket memberships. It’s completely up to you. What you want to create as far as when it comes to your membership, right? This is your business. It’s your life. You have to create your digital product in a way that supports you.

When it comes to creating your digital product, there’s a lot to consider outside of the actual creation of the product. And one of the things we’re going to talk about of course, is making sure that you’re not overdoing it or over promising to where you feel like you have to over-deliver and create a ton of content every single month to where it doesn’t become fun anymore.

That’s the last thing that we want to do. Your business needs to be set up in a way that fuels you not drains you. Okay. So like I mentioned, there’s low ticket memberships. There’s high ticket memberships. There are memberships that you pay for 12 months access to the thing, and it could be content that’s already created.

One option for you could be that your content is pre-created. So maybe it’s four modules. You have the videos, like the chunk of the content is already done. You’re not over promising that you’re going to have masterclasses delivered or templates or this and that every single month, you’re not over promising anything you’re saying, okay, for the next 12 months, you have access to this content that I have created.

And once a month, I’m going to go live with you to answer your question. Hmm. See how that gives you back time? It gives you back energy. You create the thing once, you don’t have to continually create content, but you do still get to support your community. You get to show up, you get to do those Q and A’s.

And then if you want to, if you want to get a real fancy, you can either do it yourself or you can hire a VA to do. it And you can have a community support specialist and that community support specialists can go in and they can manage a Facebook group for you. They can troubleshoot any tech issues that come up.

They can help. That’s kind of a different VA role, but you get what I’m saying. You can hire VAs to help manage it for you so that you again are protecting your boundaries. That is the goal, literally, of everything that I talk about and the reason that I love selling digital products, because you set the boundaries, you protect your time.

You keep yourself in a place where you can work when you want, have the freedom that you want. You’re not weighing yourself down or over stuffing your calendar with a ton of content that you have to continually create every single month, you set up the expectation with the people who are purchasing from you to say, Hey, this is the content that you have access to for 12 months, and I’m here to support you once a month live.

Another option is (here’s an example) a $5 a month membership. Remember we talked about low ticket, high ticket?This is a low ticket membership- $5 a month. The buyer pays $5 a month to get access to private blog posts.

So these are private blog posts about whatever the person was writing them about. I don’t even remember what it was. And the person paid $5 a month to have access to these private blogs. And so someone who is going that route, and they’re saying like, Hey, I love writing, like writing and publishing really energizes me, but what would energize me more is if I got paid for it.

So if there’s something that they love doing and they have absolutely no issue showing up and delivering that level of content, then do it. You set the rules at your business, right? So this person who loves blogging and is going to blog anyway, they’re going to have these private blog posts over here that are only accessible to people who purchase the membership.

They’re still showing up. They’re still doing their blogging that they’ve been doing for years or whatever, but they’re going to charge for access to those private ones.

So again, we’re thinking in ways of what serves us, how do we want to show up? What do we want to create? How do we want to create it in a way that serves us and fuels us and gives us energy versus depletes? Okay, because I have seen people overdo it.

They get a few months into their membership and they’re just wiped out. We don’t want to do that. We want to think about this prior to our launch time. I’m going to give you another example of a membership site. I’m just going to pack this episode with different examples that I’ve seen once I like and cool ideas that I think would be interesting to you.

So this type of membership model requires you to show up once a week. So this is actually a virtual co-working membership. It’s one where you literally say we’re offering virtual co-working hours. You pay X number of dollars per month, and you get access to our private zoom link. And some of you may be thinking like, who would pay for that?! TONS OF PEOPLE.

There’s actually tons of videos on tiktok. And let me tell you that when I have a virtual co-working session, versus when I don’t, I get tons more accomplished because I have a team of people who are all working as well.

It’s kind of like. I don’t know, maybe this isn’t across the board, but when I am at work or I’m surrounded by people who are working on whatever, whatever kind of work they’re doing, when I’m around that, then it inspires me to work and step it up as well. Versus, if I am by myself, I can go slower. I can take a coffee break.

I can take an extended coffee break if I want to. Right. But if I’m in a group, they’re all getting their steps in. I better get my stuff done. You know what I mean? And so that is something, again, no content, you know, you don’t have to create content over and over. You can just say, Hey, here’s the monthly fee.

Now I do want to share one more thing.One more thing that I have heard through the grapevine is of people who do offer larger memberships like. Uh, masterclass for some piece of content that is delivered every month, I’ve heard of people batching that creation within one month.

So the month of January, they batch all of the content, if you’re not familiar with the term batching, it basically means you sit down and you can create a bunch of content in a short amount of time. That is then going to be released over the following weeks. I batch my podcast episodes. I record multiple episodes at a time and schedule them out through the month.

It helps me stay consistent and I like it. So, but I have heard of people who do run memberships, where they are delivering like a masterclass or, you know, a chunk of content or whatever throughout the year, every month. And they’ll batch create all of this stuff in January, schedule it out and then it frees up their time though the year to focus on other things.

So its content creation heavy for a few weeks, the first few weeks of the year, but then imagine the freedom of time that you get the rest of the year.

Everybody loves recurring payments. Right. Super cool. But something that of course is amazing when it comes to payments because you’ll know, how much money is coming in every month, you know how much money you can spend on advertising on your VA’s on this, on that, whatever, because you have a chunk of money that’s coming.

I hope this episode was helpful for you, and you enjoy those tips. I will see you next time!”

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