I help women design online businesses they love by creating templates and resources to help make the journey easier. I started a blog online in 2010 and made my first dollar ($1.16 to be exact!). Ever since, I've been hooked on the online space doing freelancing, selling digital and physical products, affiliate marketing and coaching others who want to start online as well.

It's been an amazing journey so far, and I've been able to work with women all over the world! My clients have ranged from women just starting out online, to coaches and creators making $40K+ per month.

I've seen women start at ZERO and grow their business to a place that allows them to create their days the way they want instead of being stuck at a desk job they hate. And if I can play just a small part in that transformation - then my heart is full!

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Hey there, I'm Amy Jo

As the CEO of Her Own Magic, Amy works to empower women to not only dream, but live their ideas by transforming their ideas into digital products that can sell globally. From memberships, to online courses, products, and more, women are guided and galvanized to launch these ideas into the world. Experienced in marketing and strategic thinking, Amy combines these skills with her digital products to bring creativity and artistry into the business world.

In 2010, Amy Jo received the POP Scholarship Award from the National Association of Women Business Owners and has been corporately recognized for record-breaking product sales. She currently sits on the Board of Directors for DiversAbilities, a non-profit in Kansas City, Missouri focusing on providing employment opportunities for teens with developmental disabilities.

She is regularly sought as a public speaker and has engaged audiences from the Global Business Blueprint Summit as a showcase speaker, as well as over 13+ Summit speaking gigs globally. As an artist and digital product designer, Amy has designed and sold thousands of workshops, products and courses, and was awarded as the winner of the Cass County People’s Choice for her work. Among her accomplishments, she has publications on The Huffington Post, Better KC TV, Burnout Cure for Boss Mamas Podcast, and 33+ other publications. 

Most recently, Amy created, authored, and launched her very own children's book, The Magical Mind of Mitzy, which advances the message and vision of Her Own Magic: creating and launching your dreams, no matter how big they are. Her book can be found online on Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and 40,000 other online retailers, reaching and inspiring readers worldwide.

Amy synthesizes her skills as a businesswoman, artist and author, and coaching and marketing specialist with Her Own Magic to champion women worldwide to live their dreams and spread their magic.

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We were all born creative and it's our job as adults to remember our creativity and put it to USE!

Our talents shouldn't go to waste and that there are ways to make money doing what you love.

Your knowledge can change the world. And by putting what you know into a digital product, you're able to make a bigger impact - faster.





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