An Introduction to Money Mindset

Hey! Welcome to the Lounge! The ultimate place for encouragement, inspiration, and motivation in your life and biz I’m Amy Jo a Success Coach who loooooves mindset work and helping ladies step into their spotlight and feel good doin’ it.

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Currently where I am as I record this it is snowing like no body’s business so I thought HEY! What a perfect day to record and get my thoughts into the world!

I posted this question: “when the conversation of money comes up, how do you feel? Do you feel happy? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Scared? Agitated? Etc”

Where do our beliefs come from? That's what we're chatting about today. After you’ve figured out where the beliefs came from, it’s time to ponder again.

Does this belief make sense to you and do you REALLY want to continue believing it?

Hmm… My guess is, you’re totally over the anxiety around money. So start working on your money mindset. Surround yourself with wealth consciousness books, positive vibes and energy, and begin to be OPEN to money in your life. When we aren’t open to money, money doesn’t want to be our friend. Ha!

An example would be turning down a promotion, waiting or collecting your payment for a service you provided because you don’t feel like you deserve it, giving money back to someone who is offering to pay you because you feel unworthy of it, etc.

Any of those resonate with you? The big message here is that you freaking deserve money and you deserve to feel good receiving it. We were NOT born to be on this earth and live in fear, or anxiety, or scarcity. We’re here to thrive. How will you begin to transform your money story? Let’s chat about it in this weeks episode…

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