How To Tackle Any Problem Like A Pro!

Welcome back to episode 2 of the VIP lounge the ultimate place for encouragement, tips and tricks and motivation for the soulful female. I’m Amy Jo – founder of and it’s so good to have you back!

So, let’s get down to it.

We all have problems.

As much as we like to sweep them under the rug, they’re totally there – they’re like the monster under the bed that we don’t want to face. Like, we know it’s there, but we don’t feel like we are STRONG enough to handle them.

Maybe we feel like we’re do something wrong, or the way that we handle the problem will upset someone else, or we feel like the problem will take care of itself. So a lot of times what begins to happen is one of two things: We either begin to manifest anxiety in ourselves, or anger or fear, because we’re hanging onto issues that really need solving. OR we RUMINATE over our problems.


Neither of those sounds fun to me.

So how do we go from knowing about the monster under the bed to tackling it head on?

We shift our energy and focus on the SOLUTION to the problem.

1. Get Clear!

2. Make a list of who will positively be impacted

3. Clutter Clearing!

4. Find the solution Get Your Freebies! 

Check out this episode as we dive deep into these action steps!

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