Training from industry experts

You'll learn from entrepreneurs from around the world about digital marketing, social media, content creation, launching, sales funnel strategies and more!

Accountability is key!

You'll have access to our peer-to-peer community. Post your goals and encourage others to achieve theirs as well! There's no getting stuck around here - grow together!

Templates & Workbooks to help you succeed

You'll have access to over 180+ templates to help build your business. Templates like a course lesson template, social media templates, email headline templates and so much more!

Hey there, Amy Jo here...


Consider me your new digital fairy godmother here to bring you the best business training, templates, checklists and more to help you grow your online business.

Digital products have been my world since 2016. I've helped over 2000+ students from around the world create and launch courses, membership sites and digital download businesses from the ground up! I've made powerful connects with women globally, and I'm excited to connect YOU with my network.

My trainings and expertise have been showcased on outlets like The Huffington Post, BetterKC TV, The Global Business Blueprint Summit and over 33+ publications worldwide.

If you're wanting to take what you know and put it into digital products that sell globally, so you can create additional income, I'm your girl.



Digital Magic is a 12-week self-paced program that will set you up with everything you need to learn in order to start and grow your online business.

You'll learn how to choose your niche, create digital products like courses & memberships, how to launch before you build your product, how to create funnels that help you sell your product, and so much more!

REAL QUICK...I Have A Couple Questions For You...

what if you...

... could take an idea you have, and turn it into a digital product that sells globally and impacts thousands

... had a roadmap to determine which digital product(s) would be perfect to create and sell for your life and business that would give you an additional income stream you were proud of

... finally knew how to create an audience of amazing buyers eager to purchase from YOU!

... had a strategy in place to help you sell your digital product before you're even done building it

... were able to transition your 1:1 coaching or consulting into a scalable digital product, so you can stop trading hours for dollars and generate money without being tied to a desk

... had access to over 180+ templates, video tutorials, and proven strategies in your pocket to help you sell your digital products 

... had a group of women supporting you along the way where you could turn and ask questions, get inspired and feel like you had a 'team' who's' got your back and gets your big ideas?

And What If You Were FINALLY Able To...

...impact THOUSANDS of amazing humans with your incredible knowledge

...step away from the desk and create a flexible schedule that allows you to generate income and
actually LIVE your life doing what you love

...stand out from your competitors with marketing that is magnetic and draws your customers to you without you ever feeling sales-y

...sell your digital product with confidence, knowing the impact you're making day after day

Chances are, you've probably been thinking about creating an online business for a while now...but something's gotten in the way. Maybe you're thinking...

"I have no idea where to even start!"

"Other people are already doing what I want to do..."

"Whoa, what the tech! There's so much to learn, and I'm not a tech-y person!!"

"Who would even buy from me?!"

"I don't have support from those around me and nobody 'gets' what I want to do...what's the point?"


The Truth Is... You Create Your Own Magic.
No One Can Create What You Can, The WAY You Can.
All You Need Is A Little Support & A Sprinkle Of Over-The-Should Training, 
And You'll Be Off To An Amazing Start!


60+ training videos to walk you through the art of creating and launching digital products

Our over-the-shoulder training will walk you through the in's and out's of setting up your digital product business, how to create your products, how to launch your products and get them in front of your ideal buyer. This is the ultimate training portal for the ambitious woman ready to create additional income by selling digital products.

180+ templates to make digital product creation & promotion even easier

We've created social media promotion templates, a course lesson templates, a webinar template, Ebook/workbook templates, Pinterest templates and more to help make creating and promoting your digital product 10x easier (and faster!)

Peer-to-Peer Support Group

Have you ever felt like people don't 'get' you?

Or that your dreams are 'too big'?

Or maybe you're the only entrepreneur you know, and you're feeling pretty dang isolated right about now.

We get it!

That's why we built our digital product community - to bring ambitious, creative, go-getters like YOU together to brainstorm, get advice, and support each other! Have you ever been in a room full of creators like you? It's magnetic.

You'll have access to our Facebook Community of over 1,000+ digital product makers eager to support YOU on your journey! Ask questions, collaborate, and learn! We're here to help you get 'unstuck' and hit your goals!


To put it's the first of it's kind

After being in the online business space for so many years, you get pretty familiar with what's 'out there'. But here's the deal...

Digital product creation isn't one size fits all. In fact, it's a beautiful process you get to explore for yourself! You get to choose what products fit you and your business model best!

Digital Magic supports you along the way by giving you access to everything you need like...

  • How to discover which product(s) are a great fit for you and your business
  • How to orgnaize your ideas into scalable, digital products
  • How to CREATE your niche, not just 'pick one' like every guru tells you
  • How to market your digital product like a boss with organic & paid marketing strategies & so much more!


just like you

Check Out All Of The Goodies You Have Immediate Access To
Inside Of The Digtal Magic Membership

It Doesn't Matter What Stage You're In

>> The Online Business World Is Growing And Evolving Daily & We're Here To Support Your Journey From Start To Finish! <<


ⓧ Teach you about ONE digital product and ONE sales strategy and hope it works for you

ⓧ Teach you via slideshow presentations instead of over-the-shoulder tutorials

ⓧ Lack a supportive, creative community 

ⓧ Teach outdated content and don't keep up with current marketing trends


✔ Has a vault of over 60+ training videos to help you get started and grow your digital product business

✔ Gives you 180+ proven templates to help you succeed faster

✔ Shows you OVER-THE-SHOULDER tutorials, so you know exactly how all of the pieces come together as you create & launch your digital product

✔ Has a community of over 1,000+ digital product makers who 'get' you and are ready to support YOU and your dreams!

✔ Shows you MULTIPLE launch strategies because we believe one size doesn't fit all when it comes to launches.

✔ Regularly updates content to make sure you get the latest marketing and sales strategies 

"I met Amy during an online program last year. After getting to know her, she shared about her business on digital products.

Needless to say, I have been amazed by Amy's knowledge, expertise and her ease of technology and appreciate all the help I received.

If you are looking for someone that is professional, honest and easy to work with, she is definitely the person to reach out to!

P.S. I even have 8 beta testers for my membership BEFORE LAUNCH!!

- Angela S.

"Amy is the best kept secret in the online course creating space. She fills in the gaps that many online courses lack (and I've taken several from well known heavy hitters in the online entrepreneur space.)

After paying thousands of dollars for a course and frustrated with trying to figure out the logistics of HOW to actually execute the content, I am so thankful I found Amy.

From practical how-to's, to inspirational and motivation content, this course will take you from idea to launched."

- Courtney S.

"Amy is a master marketer-figureouter!

What felt like mumbo-jumbo coming out of my mouth when it came to my marketing ideas and structure, she helped me shift through it all and come up with a plan I feel confident and excited about!  

Definitely a gal you'd want in your #girlboss corner!"

- Dana Ford

"When I first came across Amy Jo, it was love at first sight!

I did her 12-day challenge right before Christmas, and it was the first time that I realized that I had so much more to offer than I ever considered!

It put me on the path to coaching others to sharing their own stories with the world and changing lives! 

Her Own Magic helps my new business thrive. This has been the most supportive experience I have come across that's allowed me to finally accept what I was always destined for...becoming The Story Sharing Guru!!"

- Stormi L.

"Amy is a professional and an absolute master when it comes to digital products!

I would highly recommend her should you need someone to speak about how to create and market digital products successfully!"

- Martine C.

"Amy is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to digital marketing, female entrepreneurship and creating systems that actually work for you, not against you. If that wasn't enough, she's also a joy to work with!

She's relatable, optimistic and realistic. She'll guide you, push you and help you succeed, all with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye."

- Leyah V.

This Is For You If...

✔ You're a female entrepreneur ready to turn what they know into a course, membership site, digital download, or other form of digital product & launch an online business

✔ You desire a community of creative, inspiring women to hold you accountable to your goals

✔ You're ready to do the work & learn! This isn't a get rich quick sorta deal. This requires YOU to take initiative and bravely show the world who you are and share your gifts!

✔ You want to explore different types of digital product creation, so you can choose which is best for you and your business goals

✔ You're brand new, or you've been an entrepreneur for years! We believe in the power of community and learning from EVERYONE. 

You CAN Start That Business You've Been Dreaming Of...
And With The Right Support, You Can Make It Happen Sooner Than Later

Become A Member Today And Get Immediate Access To All Of This...

✔ 90 Social Media Templates
✔ 90 Social Media Prompts
✔ Customizable Launch Calendar
✔ 90 Day Success Plan and Digital Download Planner
✔ Course Creation Template Vault
     - Course Lesson Slide Deck Template
     - Webinar Template
     - Ebook/Workbook Template
     - Pinterest Pin Templates
     - How to create a course in a weekend mini-course
✔ The Rainbow Method: How to sell your course or membership before you build it
✔ Digital Product Marketing Bundle
✔ Gamified Courses: Adding a rewards' system to your product
✔ The Digital Boss 11-part video series: How to set up your business foundation
✔ Access to our private FB group community for peer-to-peer support 

Total Value: $7,997