T-Shirt Club Monthly T-Shirt Subscription

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Get a surprise t-shirt in the mail every month and add a little ✨magic✨ in your days! 

We curate designs that are motivating, uplifting, inspiring, and fun and deliver them straight to your door every month (we may even add a few little surprise extras inside...) 

WHY?! Because who doesn't love surprises? Who doesn't love shirts?!

But also, because we believe what we wear can impact our mindset. We want to encourage you to stay on track to hit your goals and get EXCITED about your life! And wearing cute stuff totally helps.

HOW?! On the 5th of every month, you'll be charged $20 + $5 for shipping. We'll package and ship your shirt within 7 business days. You can cancel anytime (but we'll miss you!)

WHO!? This is for the woman who loves surprise packages on her door step. Who maybe doesn't get to shop as much as she'd like, but still wants cute shirts. Who wants to feel magical & motivated and to be reminded that she's amazing just the way she is.

CAN I GIVE THIS AS A GIFT!? Sure! Just put in your recipient's address instead of yours.

WHERE DO THE DESIGNS COME FROM?! We either make them in house, or source them from other artists.